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Hagada Shel Pesach - Breslov Passover Hagada

The exodus from Egypt formed us as a nation, a people chosen, and eternally devoted for the sole objective of serving Hashem. The highlight of the holiday of Pesach is reading the Haggadah to commemorate and remind us of our purpose. Rabbi Nachman's entire existence was likewise dedicated to reminding and awakening us the children of Israel to draw near to Hashem. The Breslov Haggadah Shel Pesach contains the standard Haggadah text with relevant sections from Rebbe Nachman's teachings. The many different messages and powerful insights of Rebbe Nachman pertaining to the different sections of the Haggadah are included as commentary. Now one can appreciate the inner depths of the many different aspects of the Haggadah and the deeper meanings and messages they represent.

Hebrew Books

Hagada Shel Pesach
With Ohr Zoreach Commentary
Publisher: Keren Rebbe Yisroel Odesser
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